Frequently asked questions

Is this a short-term or a long-term SEO solution?

This a long-term organic SEO solution. Our campaigns are built to get quick ranking results and keep your company in the top spots over the long haul. We use all white hat SEO techniques aligned with Google's algorithm. This is a logical but effective process.



What is video SEO ranking?

Video SEO ranking is one of the most powerful tools in the SEO game. Google considers video as one of the strongest assets in the algorithm. We can put your videos in the top positions in the video search section of Google as they are then linked to your website along with the other digital assets. Google looks at all content that is linked to your website and the more content you have the more Google recognizes you as an entity. We can video rank your videos quickly and effectively to get instant results for your SEO campaign.


Is this paid google ad words or an organic SEO solution?

Should I continue paying for AdWords while I am working with your company?

This is not a Google AdWords SEO solution. This is like growing a crop or organic garden over time. Google AdWords campaigns are a quick solution for companies that don’t have Internet SEO presence. There are some major benefits in running a small google AdWords campaign and also an organic campaign in the beginning stages. Statistics show that 1 out of 10 users click the ads which leaves 9 out of 10 clicks open to the organic and mapping section. A great organic campaign can increase your chances by 90% and get you much more front page visibility. Organic campaigns can also reduce your cost per click on your ad words by 53%.


Do I need to make my own videos ?

There are a number of video solutions available for you do if you do not already have them made. Most customers would rather see a video in raw footage from the owner of a company with an authentic message. This can be done very easily on a mobile device. Videos can also be made from a series of images like logos, phone #, messages and call to action. Stimilon Inc will assist in the process.


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